Option1: The user has to replace an original copy of the lost item within 2 weeks.

            Option2: If the user is unable to replace the lost item, then he/she will be charged triple the        original price of the book/s.

6.1.13 Borrowers classification and loan period for maximum of book/s:

          Students: can borrow (2) two book/s for 1 week only.

          Faculty members, staff: can borrow (4) four book/s for 2 weeks only.

   Faculty members, Staff, Students there will be charged for overdue book(s) of (5 riyals) per book per day. The total fine for the late return of book/s must not exceed the actual price of    the book(s).

All the rules, terms & conditions as mention in Library Manual go on changing    from time to time     with due approval from the librarian.




The library staffs provide general reference and circulation assistance to library users. Assistance is available in person, over the telephone and via email. Students and faculty can make appointments for in-depth research assistance as available on a drop- in basis or by appointment. Statistics for information and reference questions are collected at the end each month.




6.2.3 Loan Period Policy Patrons who have a valid borrowing ID card that is in good standing.



6.2.6 Damaged Items

The library charge fees for damages incurred to library materials while borrowed. When a damaged item is returned, it is assessed and billed for either a repair fee or a full replacement, depending on the extent of the damage.

   Option1: The user has to replace an original copy of the lost item within 2 weeks.

   Option2: If the user is unable to replace the lost item, then he/she will be charged triple the original price of the book(s).


6.2.7 Replacement Copies

 In some cases, replacement copies are accepted for long overdue, lost, and damaged items.

Purchasing a replacement copy comes with some risk. An item may be declined as a replacement for a variety of reasons, even in cases where the guidelines outlined below have been met.

A replacement copy will be considered when it meets the following criteria:




6.2.8 Lost and Missing Books


While the library is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items, we do accept and store found items in as secure a location as possible. 


          Lost:  Items are automatically changed to that status when an item is reported lost by the borrower. The assumption is that it will be paid for or replaced with another copy by the patron. At the point of payment the information is given to technical service staff for record deletion or re-purchases process.


        Missing:  Items not found on shelves are assigned to (Missing) in items not found on the shelves will be logged into the Missing Book until it will be found it or replace it with new items. 



6.2.9 Donations

The Library welcomes gifts of materials from individuals or groups. A library accepts donations of print and non-print media provided that the materials meet the following criteria:


6.3 Reserve Book and Course Reserve Policy

Reserve books are collection of high demand materials such as text books and articles which have been set aside to ensure equal access to all users. Rules for reserve books are:




Course Reserves are course-related materials set aside for a specific academic course or other use. Materials are put on course reserve by library staff at the request of the course's instructor. Items that may be on reserve for a class includes: textbooks, e-books, articles, book chapters, journal articles, class handouts, and information.


6.4. Reference Services and Reference Sources Policy

Reference Services

The library recognizes the provision of reference service to its patrons as one of its chief functions. MACHS library have information desk where assistance from a library staff is available. Reference services are also given via the telephone and e-mail.

The reference assistance provided to library patrons are:

  1. Training/Orientation/Workshop

Assistance or instruction using the library, including locating materials, using the  catalog, using computers to access information, and using basic reference sources.

  1. Information Desk Service

Assistance identifying library materials needed to answer a question.

  1. Access Service

Providing brief, factual answers to questions, such as addresses, statistics, phone numbers, username and password, etc. that can be quickly located.


Reference Sources Policy

There are thousands of reference sources available that cover practically every subject. Reference sources can be books, serials, on-line databases or the internet.

  1. Reference Books
  2. Library reference books cannot be checked out to patrons. Individual exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  3. If an exception is made, the item is usually allowed out on duty, or shorter.
  4. In the event a librarian is not available, other library staff may allow a patron up to ten free photocopies in lieu of authorizing a loan.
  5. Reference books are designed for accessing specific facts or information and can take the form of:
  6. Dictionaries f. Handbooks
  7. Encyclopedias g. Current Periodicals
  8. Bibliographies  h. Newspapers
  9. Almanacs i. Atlases
  10. Directories  j. Indexes
  11. On-line Databases
  12. Online databases are available in all computers in the library, library extensions and learning centers.
  13. Access to all databases can be made even outside the college. Make sure that you have the username and password.
  14. Username and password cannot be shared with people outside MACHS.
  15. Virtual libraries provide access to web reference resources for CLS, Pharmacy and Nursing.
  16. Ask assistance from library staff for more information.





6.5 Photocopying Policy







6.5.3 Copyright Guidelines

MACHS library resources and services are provided to patrons for the purposes of “private study, scholarly work or research”. Photocopies and other reproductions of copyrighted works are governed by fair use guidelines. Patrons exceeding the “fair use” guidelines may be liable for copyright infringement.  This library uses the Copyright Law Royal Decree No. M/41of 2 Rajab, 1424 and other copyright laws that covers the other resources provided by the library.

For more information follow the link below:



6.6   Library Computers Policy

Electronic information resources at Mohammed Al- Mana College for Health Sciences are to be used in a manner that supports the educational mission of the college. For this reason, use of the computers for educational purposes is given precedence over computing pursuits of a more personal or recreational nature.




The library provides access to electronic databases as part of its reference services. This policy is intended to provide the fairest and broadest access to these services for our patrons, consistent with efficient use of the resources.

6.7.1 MACHS Website Guidelines

As the library is part of the MACHS Website, please refer to the IT Library User’s Manual for more information.



6.8   Policies for New Patrons
Library provides orientation and instruction to enable library users to effectively utilize its resources and services. It is accomplished by the library staff in the following ways:



6.10.1 De-selection Guidelines

   The basic guidelines for de-selection of library materials:


Library resources which receive low use by patrons in the most recent two-year period and are not included in indexes or abstracts.